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What if: Consciousness is an evolved form of Chaos

Sitting in a park, I once was thinking about myself and the friend I

was hanging out with. What makes me and my friend over there different? I know what I am going to do next instant but I don't know what he is going to do? Even if he tells me, I can never be sure what will he do next instant. I always thought that the universe is deterministic and there is always a way of knowing anything that will ever happen in the future. But this time, I wondered, what if the universe is not deterministic? Well in that case everything changes, there can not be certainty in anything that happens. And if that is true, the language we use to describe the world (i.e mathematics) should not show certainty at any level.

For example, what is the speed of that car? Is it 102.3 km/h or 102.301 km/h or perhaps 102.301006 km/h? The inbuilt non-determinism of the universe will not allow for one exact value to exist for any kind of measurement.

If this is the case, what is chaos then? For the people who don't know, chaos is a phenomenon that arises when any complex event with some initial condition takes place. You can never get the same result as you can never measure the exact initial condition, there will always be some error. Even if the error is negligible, it multiplies over time and you end up with a different outcome. But this explanation only works when you assume that there exists an exact value of the initial condition and everything you measure will have some deviation from that value which you call an error. What if, there is no exact value? Can we say that chaos is not a result of precision error but just a manifestation of the inbuilt randomness in our universe? I can't just assume things to be true just because they can't be proven false. But we can always ponder over the possibilities.

So, just imagine this is the case, the randomness is inbuilt in the very fabric of our universe. The atoms working together give rise to a chaotic phenomenon with some probability of working together and after billions of those events repeating finally making an organic compound. Similarly, those compounds make cells and finally humans. But there is one key difference between normal chaotic events like weather and double pendulum and life itself. That is the sheer number of such random variables. So, what's the difference? 3 random variables vs gazillions of random variables. The difference is in the structures. This structure is sort of analogous to how pseudo-random numbers seem truly random if you look at a few of those numbers but the complex pattern that was used to make those numbers can be found if you look at sufficiently large enough data points.

Now, this raises another big question. What if true randomness does not exist? And the structure, the complex function, and the source of all randomness show their properties when a big enough number of random variables work together in sync. What if the 'feeling of belonging', 'the feeling of me', and 'my existence are some of those properties? What if consciousness is a special case of chaos? Does this mean there is just one truth to the world? The invisible source of randomness! And the consciousness of each and every being in the world represents the same source? I don't know, but maybe, I am not supposed to know. Maybe the feeling of me that is inside myself is all I need to see the truth.

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