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Calm Sea

One Void

Who am I? Well, I am Rishi? What is that feeling? Why am I not satisfied with that particular answer to the question of "who am I? Who was I before the name "Rishi" was given to me? Who was I before the information in my DNA was replicated from somewhere else? Even if I believe in someone else's answer, why do I still feel unsatisfied?  What is this void in my heart? Why does every basic question about the world lead me to this vast emptiness of unknowns? I have been afraid of this void for far too long. I never had the courage to face this void. But it can not go on like this forever. So here I am feeling relaxed, having some snacks while looking at the void and saying to myself "let's do this!". This blog is about my journey into the void and the evolution of my understanding of the truth of the world. 


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