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Me And You - A Monologue

In the world of experiences, around a sea of ideas, who am I?

Am I the one who is watching? Or the one who is talking?

If I am the one who is watching then who is the one talking?

If I am the one who is talking then who is listening?

I know I exist, but I don't know if I am an individual.

If I'm not an individual then why are there just two of us?

Why not three or three million?

Is it really two? or much much more?

What about you? You must also have two of you!

Or perhaps some other number.

But what’s the difference? Why is there a distinction between me and you?

Is it because I can't see what you are watching?

Or because I can't listen to what you are saying?

Do I really need to know what you are saying or watching?

Or Just the knowledge of another pair of watchers and talkers is enough?

Is there really a distinction? Are you really not me?

Does a different position in space guarantee distinction?

Or does a different time of existence guarantee it?

If you are also me, does it mean all conscious beings are also me?

If they are all me, does it mean we now have another pair?

Where, I am the talker and the universe is the watcher?

If the purpose of consciousness is to talk

And that of the universe is to watch,

Then it will mean then I am yet again stuck in a loop.

Or perhaps this loop means something.

A structure that seems infinite but is actually a closed box.

What can such a structure mean?

Is it there to stop the view of the watcher?

And yet fool the talker!

Or is it really infinite, making the talker powerless?

Whatever is the case, the talker will keep working with the watcher,

And finally wither away,

And maybe then he will know the answer.

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